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You always take my heart 
Every dream and game of love with you 
You always take my mind till the end 
I'll stay in love with you 
Together we will find 
The reason for this hunting life 
Escape from the dark 
Save my tears I don't know why I'm lost in time 
Save my heart Because i... 
You say wild 
Save my time Time for all my dreams 
I'm flying with the wind 
I'll find my way
In this night Are you shining star? 

Nomination & BBsound ft. Anthya
  • Listening to: Some Vocal Trance
  • Drinking: Cola
Indecent Noise ft. Ridgewallkers
Full Moon Fever

Radiance in a glamorous night
Lunar Love is our spotlight
Centre stage the moon looks still
Grabbed by fever is my heart

When were apart
When were apart

In the glory of the night
The temperature begins to rise
I can't help it because I miss you
So fall into my arms my dear

And we'll release this fever forever
This fever forever

Full moon fever for ever
Full moon fever for ever
  • Listening to: Some Vocal Trance
  • Drinking: Cola